Cancer Survey

The Coriell Institute for Medical Research has been serving the scientific and biotechnology community for more than 65 years by providing valuable, high quality biomaterials for research. Coriell is hoping to provide high quality materials for the cancer research community, and we would like to ask you a few questions about your experience. Our goal is to improve the customer experience and Coriell’s services. You can help us do this in a few minutes by completing the survey below.
Please select the option that best describes your job title.
What type of institution/organization are you affiliated with?
Which area of cancer research do you specialize in?
In your research domain, what cancer type are you most interested in?
What cancer models do you depend on for your research?
What other biospecimen types and/or associated data do you need?
Which supporting characterization data for your cancer models are most desirable for your research?
Have you generated cell lines or cancer models that you would like Coriell to help make available to the larger community?
Are you interested in any of the following products and/or services?
Where do you currently acquire samples for your research needs?
Is there an unmet need in your cancer research? Do you have any additional feedback?
Are you willing to be contacted to provide further feedback?